Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 GREAT Acts On MySpace!!

check them out and add them...

Trubble Bruin

modern blues with a traditional flavor. Tim Johnson is one of the best lyricists in music today.


DJ Vanish

does mashups, doesnt do them often tho, but he does some cool shit. worth checking out.

did some Jay-Z /White Stripes Mash Ups...

check them out, if you like them please add them as a friend and spread the word about these 2 GREAT acts.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best Of 2007

Things ive found that are worth noting this year in movies and music.

Best Album-The Donnas "Bitchin"
Fav Album-Same
Worst Album-Avril Lavigne "The Best (Snickers) Damn Thing"
Overrated Album-Kanye West "Graduation"
Best Song-The Donnas "Smoke You Out"
Worst Song=Baby Dont Go/Hey There Delilah
Biggest Dissapointment-Britney Spears "Blackout"

Other Things Of Note

Vanessa Carlton "Heroes And Thieves"
Wu Tang-"8 Diagrams"
Lily Allen "Alright, Still"

Best Movie-The Dead Girl
Fav Movies-The Simpsons Movie, DOA, White Noise 2, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Hatchet, The Reaping
Best Actress-AnnaSophia Robb "Bridge To Terabithia"
Best Actor-Richard Gere "The Hoax"
Best Cast Performance-"The Dead Girl"
Worst Movie-The Hills Have Eyes 2/Grindhouse
Worst Actress-Sandra Bullock "Premononition"
Worst Actor-Justin Timberlake "Alpha Dog/Black Snake Moan"
Overrated Movie-300/Disturbia
Biggest Dissapointment-30 Days Of Nights

Other Things Of Note

Sheri Moon Zombie In "Halloween".....i must add if THIS performance WASNT in Halloween, a HORROR movie, but a "Drama"....shed be getting Oscar Consideration...So sad that horror isnt "correct" at big awards shows

William Forysthe In "Halloween"
Margarita Levieva in "The Invisible"
Nathan Fillion In "White Noise 2"
AnnaSophia Robb In "The Reaping"
Jenna Fischer In "Blades of Glory"
Mercedes McNab In "Hatchet"

Also That "The Werewolf Women Of The SS" "Trailer" in Grindhouse was great...i mention that cause i have Grindhouse as the second worst movie this year, but didnt want to leave out that i liked it.

As For TV People....

I dont Watch much TV....

so ill just say....

Bones and Sarah Silverman Program are the only 2 shows i actually think are good enough to watch everyweek.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Why is Jamie Lynn Spears' kids father NOT going to jail.

He's 19
shes 16

The Spears' reside in Louisiana and California if im not mistaken.

i find it wrong that there are others basiclly around the same age IN jail for the SAME THING, but this kid wont get ANY jail time cause said female is a celebrity?

please tell me everyone finds the complete and total hypocracy in this....

so again i ask....why is he NOT going to jail?

heres are the laws for said 2 states....

California Law…

The age of consent is 18, with a misdemeanor if the minor has less than 3 years of difference with the major. Penalties increase if the minor is under 14 and the major is above 21

Louisiana Law…

§80.1. ;Misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile

A. Misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile is committed when a person who is seventeen years of age or older but less than nineteen years of age has sexual intercourse, with consent, with a person who is fifteen years of age or older but less than seventeen years of age, when the victim is not the spouse of the offender, and when the difference between the age of the victim and age of the offender is greater than two years.

its complete fucking mind boggling how celebrities get to do whatever they want and truly ARE above the law isnt it?

ok i feel the need to add this as my point, a kid named Genarlow Wilson got 10 years in jail for being 17 and getting a blowjob from a 15 year old girl.

he served two before the sentence was overturned 4-3....3 judges thought he should serve 10 years how ridiculous is THAT?......but he served 2 years for getting a BLOW JOB, which under the law in that state was illegal.

the point being, someone tell me, why is it that this kid serves 2 years for getting head, and Jamie Lynn Spears' baby's daddy ISNT going to go to jail AT ALL for CLEARLY BREAKING THE LAW!!!!!

what the fuck is wrong with this picture?!?!?!?!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Say It Ain't So Ashley, Say It Ain't So.

its a sad sad day for me.

this bastardly post says it all....

Click Here For Pics Of Ashley Tisdale POST Nose Job

i cant believe that my beloved Ashley Tisdale has come over to the darkside.

god, ashley was as close to perfect looking in todays hollywood as it could get...shes no Grace Kelly mind you, BUT, Ashley was AMAZING.

im sorry if im doubting the "Deviated Septum" story, but in todays Hollywood, having a slightly Mishapen and oversized nose is Taboo. Ashley didnt really seem like the kind of person (albeit i dont know her PERSONALLY obviously) that would have a cosmetic nose job for aesthetic purposes, who knows, maybe it WAS for health reasons, and, cmon, its not like Ashley ISNT still hot, girl is STILL gorgeous, but, having a nose job to fix what god gave her takes her one step closer to just being another AVERAGE EVERYDAY Hollywood Actress.... Obsessed with Perfection, when "perfection" in hollywood is in fact average.

i still love Ashley, although the now "perfect" nose takes away some of teh attractiveness, she IS still yummy, but, she always seemed SO happy, whenever you saw pics or interviews, she was just so happy, like an everyday person who got famous, and just didnt realize it, like one day acting and music was ahobby, and before you know it, your a HUGE STAR, the typical act of having cosmetic surgeory (AGAIN, im sorry i am doubting the whole Deviated Septum story, could be true, but IDK) really pushes her closer to just being another hollywood media conscious female who is trying to look what THEY percieve as PERFECTION, when in my eyes, The PRE NOse Job Ashley Tisdale WAS as close to perfection in a complete female as it got.

i guess i can just hope that it doesnt change her, but seeing the pics from The Z100 Jingle Ball, its the 1st time ive seen her in a public display that she DOESNT have a huge smile, doesnt look like shes happy go lucky, watch the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, the girl has a smile the WHOLE TIME.

I still love you ashley, but please tell me this isnt the 1st step towards Blue Contacts, Tit implants, a chin job, liosuction cause you are too "fat"....Ashley Please, Say It Ain't So....Say It Ain'y So.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ive Just Decided

id LOVE to get the chance to spend all night having sex with Lily Allen. god i dont know why, but that chick is so fucking hot....shes no Ashley Tisdale, but, she is tasty....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zooey Deschanel

i gotta do a general list of chicks i think are hot. shes kinda the epitome of adorable.

this weeks episode of Bones, she had an uncredited cameo at the begining, basiclly looking hot like she did in Elf, cause, well, LOL it was the same costume....

but she was really hot in Bridge To Terabithia as welllas show byu teh clip below, which also shows she actually has a cool voice, and, not about Zooey, if AnnaSophia Robb DOESNT win best Actress for Terabithia, shed have been robbed. i saw a good amount of the movies this year, and her performance in that was easily the best of the year.

but heres Zooey (looking hot) with AnnaSophia and some of the rest of teh cast of Terabithia doing Steve Earle's "Someday"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letters To Cleo

how i miss this band. way underrated. i was lucky enough to see them at Roseland in NYC with Sponge Headlining, and Neds Atomic Dustbin opening with what they said was their last show ever.

Kay's solo shit is amazing, and, Michael Eisenstein is one of the more underrated guitarists playing, he worked on one of my personal favorite records of all time, Nina Gordon's "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life", actually, it was just Nina pretty much with Letters To Cleo backing her.

but Kay did teh vocals for Josie and the Pussycats, she did the Josie vocals.

nwo from what i understand they are playing with Hannah Montana's backing band. while i never had any interest in that before, i can honestly say i am going to see if Mike and Kay are in any of the live videos from now on.

i miss letters to cleo. heres hoping one day they might do a reunion tour. its a shame they never get the credit they deserve, but, being from boston....LTC might have been 10 years too late, they turned out the music which was the next step from that scene after the pixies, muses, Blakes....

heres Veda Very Shining from their swan song album "GO!" performed live
one of my favorite songs ever is actually by them, its called Little Rosa, but, alas, no videos up for it. :( but enjoy Veda Very Shining.
thanks for the amazing music Mike and Kay and the rest of LTC!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

i share this cause i know we ALL have them.

dont know why, but i LOVE this cover of Island In The Sun by Emma Roberts, i cant vouch for thsi movie, since, well, i havent seen it, and personally, i think Emma Roberts has NO talent....i sat through Nancy Drew JUST to see Rachel Leigh Cook...all 10 minutes of her in that...what a fucking cheat!!!

anyways, heres a guilty pleasure, dig the cover of the song...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

No NASCAR Anymore :(

that makes me sad. but ive been watching lots of old Sci Fi movies, makes me remember the good times when i didnt have shit to worry about.

When Worlds Collide
The Day The Earth Stood Still
War Of The Worlds
Forbidden Planet
Thing From Another World....

some great, great movies there. anything made back in the 50's or 60's in teh sci fi genre is amazing.

too bad sci fi took a turn for the worst with the advent of Star Wars.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everyone Let's Laugh At Marilyn Manson

god this guy is so pathetic. his 15 minutes of fame ended 10 years ago, i think its time you gave it up. seriously dude, you have fallen into the category of being BEYOND Irrelevant, you pass that when you go on trying to, and FAILING MISERABLY at everything you do....

read this article, its exactly what im describing.

Mr Manson, its times to take the money you have made, which i am sure is alot, and get out of the public eye. you and your whole being are pathetic.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope anyone that actually reads this has a great day....and with christmas coming up quick....heres the #1 thing on my wish list if anyone's looking for something to give me this holiday season...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Hot Chicks To Check Out...

Nadja Tiellet And Christina Milian.


Bastardly Post Of Ashley Tisdale At The HSM2 DVD Premiere

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Is Funny

The Back Story Behind "Whats Up With It Vanilla Face?" part in Borat...

Some Word Association Thing I Had In My Box....

1. Beer: sure, why not?

2. McDonalds: Angus 3rd Pounder kinda scares me. McD's FRIES their burgers...why does this have GRILL marks? where the fuck did they come from?

3. Relationships: dont know if i remember how to be in one of those.

4. Favorite color: Purple!!!

5. Power Rangers: Amy Jo Johnson was SOOOOOO hot.

6. Weed: i really need to get my pesticide liscence

7. Steroids: i just read that Chris Beniot article in maxim, like and intellegent person knew, it wasnt roid rage. hope hes burning in hell.

8. Cartoon: woo who the simpsons!!!

9. The President: hes doing the best he can, and unlike the 2 probable democratic canadaties.... he HAS a backbone, and he can think for himself....

10. Tupperware: man, i wish i had one for the canned soup i made at work

11. Florida: Floreda. Lisa's costume in "$pringfield"!!!!

12. Santa Claus: idk, hes fat.

13. Halloween: 2nd most overrated and unnessecery "holiday"

14. Alice: Sarah Michelle Gellar is gonna ruin that role. Ashley Tisdale should do a live action alice...she looks just like her, but, well, of age and smoking hot.

15. Grammar: oh yeah, i check all that before i post whatever i do.

16: Myspace: not nearly as fun as it used to be.

17. Worst fear: never being able to pull the knife out of my back.

18. Marriage: uh

19. Paris Hilton: shes pretty hot....when shes got the left side of her face covered

20. Pat: tranny looking women like Kim Kardashian

21. Redheads: not really my thing, but, LiLo is from my hood, so go her!!!

22. Blondes: Ashley Tisdale is BEYOND yummy....

24. One night stands: wasnt that some sort of comedy show on HBO at one time?

25. Donald Trump: guys a fucking real estate genius.

26. Neverland: pedophiles live there

27. Pixie Stix: used to mix them with mountain dew to keep me awake all night.

28. Vanilla ice cream: makes my tummy hurt

29. Hooters: slang term for a group of owls

30. High school musical: ASHLEY TISDALE IS BEYOND HOT.

31. Pajamas: for kids

32. Woody: Woodpecker, never got why anyone thought he was funny.

33. Wet Socks: its inevatable that it happens almost every day at work.

34. Driving: i HATE driving where i live since people drive like complete fucking halfwits being on their cell phone and shit.

35. Love: maybe ill find it again after the knife i cant reach in in back from earlier this year ever gets removed, hey, who knows, maybe thats how ill know who the next person i might have those feelings for MIGHT be... shell remove that knife from my back, since, like i said, i cant seem to reach it.

I Like This Song, Its Cool

In The Zone ERA Britney is actually pretty cool, i think she should work with like Junkie XL or the Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim on a record, not the pathetic slobs she is now, like JR Rotem.

Britney doing vocals for a someone like them, youd get a full disc of shit as good as Toxic was...

Monday, November 19, 2007

OMFG....Look At How SMOKING HOT Ashley Tisdale Looked At The AMA's!!!

jeez louise, just when you thought this girl COULDNT get any fucking hotter...

OMFG....check her out...

Bastardly's Thread On Ashley At The AMA's

wow just wow...

here is the OFFICIAL Video for "He Said, She Said", one of the 2 tracks off Headstrong i do actually like...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Did We REALLY Need A SECOND Remake Of "Last Man On Earth"?

ok, i was watching the NASCAR race today, and saw just a title trailer, no clips of "I Am Legend"

came online, theres a website.... so i watch the trailer...

its a 3rd verison of Richard Mathewson's novel.

we have Last Man On Earth, and The Omega Man already.

Ok, i WILL admit, the trailer doesnt look half bad, but, is will smith REALLY gonna bring something MORE to this role than Vincent Price OR Charlton Heston did? or, even OK Homer Simpson in "The Homega Man"?

just seems odd with the now WGA strike, they are STILL doing remakes, i cant even begin to imagine how many well have with the WGA srike going on, and movies continued to be made, how many might just be direct BIG budget remakes of movies with minor script tweaking by people who might be writer directors.

if i can see I Am Legend for free, ill prolly see it, but, i honestly dont think that Will Smith is going to bring anything to this role that Heston and Price did before him...

but heres the website, check out the trailer....

"I Am Legend" Website

Will Jimmie Johnson Win The Nextel Cup Today?

well, chances are he will, he needs to finish like 16th or better and he wins it regardless of what Jeff Gordon does.

like i said, chances are he will, because he isnt as fucking idiotic as Mike Skinner is.

i guess well see, its all good, im not a fan of Jimmie and Jeff, but they dont bother me, so its good one of them will win it....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Thing That Irks Me

ok, i just got home from a wake....

why is it that at a wake, u know the viewing at the funeral home, when someones cell phone goes off, people stop what their doing and stare at that person?

like, EVERYONE is talking, most VERY LOUDLY, about something thats NOT about said person who died....

so why is it RUDE if someones CELL PHONE goes off, but people talking loudly about something other than the situation at hand ISNT rude?

and no i wasnt the one with the cell phone.

go listen to the song Paralized By Sixpence None The Richer, Leigh Nash' voice is amazing, and this song is very UN Sixpence, but its a kick ass rock song, good band, got labeled as a one hit wonder and its sad.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 More Hot Chicks...

well 2 cause i forgot the 3rd....

Alexa Davolas was SMOKING HOT in Angel....and Michelle Trachtenberg is goddess likenow.

i wish i could remember the 3rd.

EDIT: Hayley Williams.

that girl is SOOOOO hot. she should be happy about that cause, well, her looks are making her famous, since, well she cant sing and her band sucks ron jeremy sized dick.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Veronica Mars

ok, i worked with a kid who RAVED about this show. its all he talked about after Buffy went off the air.

so, im looking at the Best Buy ad this week, and season 1 and 2, 15 bucks. marked down from 50.

so i go at lunch today, buy season 1 and 2. im near the end of episode 1, and, all i can say is, if this is thebest this show gets, i have NO CLUE why it was even on for 3 seasons. and WHY joss Whedon raved about it as well, Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were fucking awesome, and, while i disagree with his casting a ENGLISH ACTRESS, albeit, Kate Becksindale, as WONDER WOMEN, i figured between his opinon, and a fellow friend who love dbuffy, thatm well, hey, id dig the show.

im getting the feeling trhe only reason anyone watched this was because they thoought Kristen Bell was cute.

i mean, she is, and thats all good, but, unless your Kate Beckinsale or Grace Kelly in an unwatchable movie, I dont really know about this.

episode 1 was pretty bad, but for 30 bucks, next time im ill, ill prolly watch this, but for now, ill be watching season 4 of the sopranos.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy For Jimmie Johnson, Sad For Jeff Gordon

as you can tell in my people i like list at the bottom, neither are my favorite race car drivers, but being a NASCAR fan, i appreciate the fact that i am getting to watch Jeff Gordon as he actually competes, kinda in the way my dad got to watch Richard Petty, i feel like every race im watching history being written.

but im happy that Jimmie pretty much wrapped up the championship tonight, unless some "hail mary" happens next week, but its kinda sad, id like to see Jeff win, and techniclly, if they were STILL using the OLD points system, jeff wouldve won teh championship today.

but what can u do...

best part of todays race? Dale Jr finished LAST cause he really is a untalented slob, and he wrecked himself off a turn.

i find it laughable that people think hes the best driver in NASCAR right now, whats his fans excuse gonna be after his stint at Hendrick the next 5 years, and he STILL drives like shit? NONE. it will show how terribly below average Dale Jr REALLY is....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Catch A Predator REDUX

yet another idiot, but this guy thinks hes all smart, and, IDK, i just find this dude so laughable, but, chris hansen being SERIOUS and like how he talks to these people, its funny cause, i dont know how educated he is, but, LOL he looks like a member of MENSA compared to all of the people from this show...

LMAO...."It sounds like you wanted to play more than video games based upon this conversation."

but this guy Inderjeet Singh, the best part is after hes handcuffed... "cant you just let me go."

Just A Great Song

Tanya Donelly-Days Of Grace

its on Sleepwalk and This Hungry Life. cant find a video of it on youtube, but you should check the song out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

FUCK Im Lazy...

shit, its almost 2 weeks since my last post? is that even possible.

well, i felt the need to say that thanks to the wonderful dudes over at the bastardly...

for the bastardly, click here

...ive found a hot female i didnt know before, NOT Top 10 material, but very very hot nione the less...

her name is Roxanne Pallatt. ui have NO CLUE who this girl is beyond the pictures i saw, and, after a quick google search, well, the pics teh bastardly has up today are NO FLUKE. shes pretty hot in everything ive seen.

dont real;ly know what else to say. things have been busy which is why i havent been doing entries.... The Sarah Silverman Program finally had a pretty UNFUNNY episode, last weeks, but caught right back up with this week and Sarah accusing her illegal immagrent maid of shoving a toy up her dog dougs ass.

u know, even after 11 episode, i shouldve expected that when she showed up at the maids door, but i didnt.

thats about it. if you wanna be more bored by my rantings, go over to the bastardly and check out my posts there. i guess im a huge douchebag, but, what do people know....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Check Out My Top 10 Hottest Celebrities

added a list at the bottom of my 10 hottest celebrities.

this in no way means i STILL wouldnt date Torry Castellano, cause i think she is teh most dateable, and, this is just a list of the 10 hottest celebrity women.

heres the list...scroll to the bottom to see pics of each

1. Kate Beckinsale
2. Ludivine Sagnier
3. Sara Jean Underwood
4. Kate Winslett
5. Eliza Dushku
6. Daniela Denby-Ashe
7. Ashley Tisdale
8. Ashley Force
9. Brittany Murphy
10. Sarah Silverman

here are some others, while HOT, didnt make the top 10, and these are in no specific order....

Kathleen Robertson, Charlotte Casagari, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Asia Argento, Joss Stone, Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, Rachel Leigh Cook, Danielle Lloyd, Holly Valance, Dania Ramirez.

add these 3 FAKE animated Females...

Miss Hoover, Aya Brea and Nene Romanova.

and i MUST MUST MUST make a shoutout when talking about HOTTEST or the BEAUTY in celebrities...Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly is IMHO the most BEAUTIFUL women ever to walk the face of the earth. If you have some time, you should go take a look online at pics of her and bathe in the class and beauty which is Grace Kelly.

Song of the day....

i put this up cause ive been trying to get this BEYOND talented girl Hanna to start recording again. she, next to Juliana Hatfield and Hollis Queens has the best singing voice ive EVER HEARD. Shes just this chick from Omaha who really amazed me along time ago, and after a few years of being out of contact, i found her again, and, im trying HARD to get her to share her gift.

anyways, im trying to get her to do this song like Mary Lou Lord did Springsteen's "Thundar Road", and get a demo out. if she DOES....everyone will know about it. shes amazing.

Green Day-Armitage Shanks.
Off The CD-Insomniac

Saturday, October 27, 2007

To Catch A Predator

thanks to eduardo the feek's new postings over on his site...

...i decided to stay in, and bypass quite a few options for shit to do tonight, truth be told i DO have something in the AM early ANYWAYS, so, a long night wouldnt have been good...

but regardless....

so im just checking out the clips on youtube, and, i cant help but laugh at how funny the show at times is, just like when Chris Hansen steps out, LOL, its just so funny cause its like they are talking to some decoy girl and she walks away to get changed or something, and out he comes...

its kinda disturbing to hear some of what these people say, but its again funny when all of a sudden they get arrested, especially the early episodes when they dont realize they are gonna get arrested....

i STILL havent seen the one where the dude get tackled by a guy wearing a Ghille suited cop, thats the funniest thing ive seen yet on that show.

Heres It IS!!!!! LMFAO!!! SO AWESOME!!!

I think this one is awesome TV, this is that crazy dude who tries to get some chick to like "blank" her cat...and HE gets done up by the guy in the Ghille Suit....this is the craziest thing i think thats been on that show...very very odd, but the site of that Ghille Suit coming out of the bushes is fucking PRICELESS....

anyways, go check out Ed's site above, and watch an Ashley Tisdale video, daym that women is smoking hot, and ed is the 1st person ive met that shares the same kinda opinions about her....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just A Song Again

not in the shit talking mood. looking forward to the new Episodes of the Sarah Silverman Program and Bones this week.

OH and 30 Days Of Night? not even CLOSE to doing the graphic novel justice. EASILY one of the most beautiful graphic novels ive seen....didnt translate well to the big screen.

Song Of The Day...

another donnas bit for you.

The Donnas-I Dont Want To Know
Off The CD-Gold Medal

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real Quick

NASCAR Cup race was pretty descent. Jimmie Johnson for the win, although Ryan Newman, i guess he cant deal with the fact he SUCKS decided to run Jeff Gordon up the track to finish 2nd.

Ryan needs to just leave racing.

Plus, DEI drivers driving like DEI Drivers, Martin Truex caused like 4 cautions running over people, no surprise since hes frustrated that hes 2nd class, and, while i HATE dale Jr, it was pretty funny watching his push Juan PABLOW out of the way for the lead, since, well, i think PABLOW is the WORST driver this year in Cup, he always runs people over and he acts like its everyone elses fault.

it was awesome to see him get pushed out of the way, even if it was Dale Jr doing the pushing.

No Busch Race, so, my boy Leffler ran the truck race, didnt see too much of it, beyond seeing Clint "one YEar Wonder" Bowyer running him continually in teback bumper till JLeff let him by and paid him back.

Clint Bowyer is funny cause hes this years "Greg Sniffle". this will be his ONE year to shine, you wont hear from him again after this year. Overrated lucky slob.

anyways, todays song...

think is this the best song off the Donnas Spend The Night Record, which is a really kic ass CD in its own right with many Highlights, but as a complete song, i think this is the best off that album.

The Donnas-Who Invited You?
Off The CD "Spend The Night"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bored, No REAL Entry For Today...

instead click on GiGi's blog in my links on the side and read her take on marriage and weddings, its daym interesting and insightful, its just this kinda thing that is why i read and link to her blog...

Song of the Day...

A Clip from the Sarah Silverman Show....
Lets just call the song "I Wish", the montage from the episode reminds of that Britney Spears Video when shes in that dress blowing in the wind, not sure what the name is...but the songis catchy, and, i must say, im kinda disheartened by Season 2 and the fact that all 3 episodes, i dont think Sarah has done any music.

not that it HURTS the show, but it made something awesome even better.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Man I LOVE Hilary Duff....

but quite honestly, not in THAT way. EVERY interview you read with her, anytime you see her, she just looks so genuine and just seems like so down to earth.

she seems to me like shed be a kick ass girl to have as a friend.

Hilary Duff is my favorite celebrity.

Now her sister on the other hand....Haylie, man, her id LOVE to date.

but, Hilary Rocks, theres not much else to say beyond that. Its really nice to see a celebrity that, well, didnt let fame go to her head and act like a complete fucking douche. Add to the fact Hilary seems to me to be such a good role model, its funny that she always says that shes not as squeaky clean as everyone thinks, but, hey, Hilary, maybe having sex and dancing in clubs is just the sort of thing you ARE supposed to be doing at your age? Hilary seems like such a nice girl, who, if she keeps it up will grow up to be a phenomenal women.

anyways, dont want to have to think about a song of the day, and since this is about Hilary...

heres a performance that seems to be getting Hilary some A+ reactions, about her look, her style, and even she in such a short skirt pulls off being classy.

With Love from Mexico...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just A Song Of The Day

dont feel much like writing, gonna watch last nights episode of the Sarah Silverman program and head out with one of my girl-friends. should be a fun night.

ive been on a Green Day kick lately, song is pretty cool, plus the line...

"the world is a sick machine, breeding a mass of shit"

is classic, its more true now then it was when the album was release, as is proven by people like Kim Kardashian and Hayden Pantierre.

Man i miss PRE-Warning Green Day. God, their 1st 5 Discs are SO awesome.

Green Day-Panic Song
Off The CD "Insomniac"
Click Here To Watch A FMV

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Quick Add To Yesterday's Post About Kid Rock

u know, i meant to include THIS little nugget from the interview...and while i wanted to talk about that cum dumpster Kim Kardashian, as, the guys over at the bastardly posted what a CLASSY heiress looks like today, by posting a thread on the beautiful and classy Kate Mara...

Click Here To Read The Bastardly Thread About The Amazing Kate Mara

...and how much Classier and how just because your rich and an heiress to a fortune DOESNT mean you have to be a huge ass skanky cum dumpster who makes fuck flicks, liek Kate Mara, let me just add this little bit about Kid Rock for today....

"A Lot of people have been telling me for the last 3 years they'd like to see me step in and make a great American rock album"

if you dont know, well, i guess Kid Rock believes his own hype cause his disc is called "Rock N Roll Jesus"

whats funny about it, beyond that fact that the album is complete dogshit, but, if you people want the NEXT step in the Rock N Roll evolution, look no further than the new Donnas Record "Bitchin'" that album blows this, well, and EVERY kid rock album out of the water.

The Donnas are kinda like the "Matthew, Mark, Luke And John" of Rock N Roll. their music is like preaching the next New era of Pure unadulterated ROCK music.

Kid Rock, shit, that arrogant talentless POS, isnt even the equal of some lesser known Saint.

His music is garbage, and always has been.

U know, another thing that DOES kinda irk me about kid rock, he acts all like hes such a "hometown" boy, with his Detroit Tigers tat on his arm... hes such a fucking poser... didnt the guy write a song about Michael Jordan? Uh, last i check, he spent his career playing for Chicago and Washington, and, he now owns Charlotte, and played College ball in North Carolina... what does HE have ANYTHING to do with Detroit? oh yeah, NOTHING....

but alas, hes a "hometown" Detroit boy, true and true...what a fucking lame douchebag.

anyways, since i keep talking about the donnas, todays song of the day is the 1st single OFF bitchin...

The Donnas-Dont Wait Up For Me
Off The CD "Bitchin'"
Click Here To Watch The Official Video

also make sure you take note of how adorable and amazing Torry looks in the video, i have such a celebrity crush on her....someone hook me up!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Todays Commentary...Kid Rock

i have so many better things i want to rant about here, but, since i want to get to watching the end of season 2 of Bones, ill bypass my Kim Kardashian commentary for today, and a commentary on the new Blender, but since they interview Kid Rock in it, i figured id make todays short and sweet since, well, i want to watch Emily Deschanel and David Boreanez kick someones ass....speaking of david, they FINALLY released all 5 seasons of Angel in one box set, came out today, worth getting.

anyways, Kid Rock.... why does this guy think people care about him?

ive never really like him cause of his attitude, but a comment in Blender sums it ALL UP why this guy is a total douchebag.

"I apologize for hanging out with Scott Stapp"

funny, all of a sudden, Scott Stapp and creed are no longer "relevant", and i use that term REAL LOOSELY, since, well, personally, i dont think they were EVER relevant, so Kid Rock has to rip on scott to make himself look cool?

hey Kid, i got a bit of info for ya, no matter how bad or irrelevant Creed WAS CREED WAS A HELL OF A LOT MORE RELEVANT THAN YOULL EVER BE.

you know, its funny that Kid ROck thinks he is this person anyone gives a shit about anymore. at thispoint, hes a fucking joke. he just hasnt come to terms with it yet.

how is he a joke? well, LOL hes fighting with Tommy Lee over a women, Pam anderson, that doesnt want either one of them, which, isnt really too hard to tell since she just married Rick Salomen, who i personally think is fucking hilarious, check out his commentary between scenes in "one Night In Paris", how can you NOT love that guy?, but, thats the ONLY thing people talk about now when mentioning his name, and the best part yall, have you see his movie with his apparently cast off friend Scott Stapp? Well, if my penis was going into a women that has had Tommy Lee's (see his video with Pam) and is now married to Rick Salomen (Again, see One NIght In Paris) id be a huge bitter asshole like he is too. I dont think its hard to understand why pam sent his sorry ass packing....after having Tommy Lee for all those years, and then Kid, it was only a matter of time before she sent him packing and went back to someone of, er, Tommy's, eh, "Caliber"?

Now personally, i wouldnt hit Pam Anderson with my beat up Saturn, but thats me.

Add to the fact Kid new album is TOTAL DOGSHIT, i mean cmon, "the Stripper Anthem"? GIVE ME A BREAK, if i want to hear the riff from Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom", ill watch This Is Spinal Tap, not listen to a half assed rip off of it. And, people, thats basiclly what "the Stripper Anthem" is.

kid Rock is a sad sad man. Oh and BTW....having a cigar that size in your mouth as much as you do? Hm, id say thats not just a bit, but, quite a bit latently homosexual. who knows? maybe hell be doing a song with Justin Timberlake next huh?

anyways, heres teh Song of the Day....

expressed my thoughts about today's Green Day, heres another amazing song from Nimrod. i actually think this is a kick ass FMV, wouldve been better if it was just the Song, but, eh, what can you do, its still a pretty cool FMV for the songs....

Green Day-Uptight
Off The CD "Nimrod"
Click Here To Watch The Song In A FMV

Monday, October 15, 2007

Melissa Joan Hart...What Happened?!?!?

as i started this with the intent to be a companion to The Bastardly website, today will be the 1st time i reference something i saw today on there.

heres what Melissa Joan Hart looks like today...

The Bastardly Post On Melissa Joan Hart CLICK ON ME

so, i feel bad asking what happened to her, cause, i dont dislike her. i actually had a huge crush on her when she was on Clarissa Explains It All back in the day, i even bought the CD with hopes of one day covering "Na-Na"

but, look at her today. it confuses me people. why?

well, she has been in the spotlight forever. SO.... if she was going to continue being a celebrity and working in hollywood POST kids, why did she let herself go?

hey, i understand as people get older, and they have kids, they MIGHT not look as good as they couldve if they DIDNT, but cmon, look at Kate Beckinsale. She is the most beautyful women alive, and, she has a kid, and she is in her 30's.

i have a good friend named Tricia, she was really hot before she had a kid, and, even AFTERWARDS, she is STILL hot. shes NOT famous. But why would someone let themselves go so far if they WANTED to stay in the public eye.

like, look at Candice Cameron. after Full House, she basiclly decided to become a mother full time, shes had kids, and she let herself go. But, like i said, she didnt have an intentions of continuing her time in teh public eye after Full House and Her marriage and her kids. so, you cant hold it against her that when she shows up for Full House related things, she looks the way she does...

Personally, i think Jodie Sweetin looks SMOKING HOT these days, i rememeber when she came out after her drug addiction, i was amazed at how hot she was, and the fact that she DOESNT still make movies. But i guess that doesnt have to do with anything, but, Jodie is EASILY the hottest chick these days from that show, and possibly from that TGIF lineup, but i havent seen Stacy Keenan lately, but daym is she wasnt smoking hot too. i bet she still looks good too.

But i digress, like, i just dont understand how people can let themselves go like that if they plan on staying in the public eye.


Songs On The Day...Since no post yesterday, heres 2....

Havin A Blast, its easily the "Lounge Act" of Dookie, meaning, possibly the best song that no one really plays or remembers on the CD...heres a FMV for some shit i have NO CLUE what it is, but you get to hear the song...

Green Day-Havin A Blast
Off The CD "Dookie"

This is off the last good Green Day CD, u know, before they turned into Political Fags. Billie JO should just worry about writing great punk songs cause Nimrod and Insomniac are fucking amazying records.

But there is 2 lines here i really dig, i think its why i like the song...remind me of myself, and this blog...

"Life's A Bitch, and So Am I"
"Wasted Youth And A Fistful of Ideas, Ive Got A Young And Optimistic Point Of View" (Except change Optimistic to Pessimistic"

the song set to a bunch of Green Day Clips by some dude i dont know.

Green Day-The Grouch
Off The CD "Nimrod"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not To Much To Say...

had breakfast with a friend, not really too much to say this AM beyond head over to the bastardly, link on right, and check out the arguement going on in the thread about that disgusting whore Kim Kardashian. its amazying to me that people think this useless whore is attractive.

and im sick of people trying to be Paris Hilton, like, Paris is such a bitch, but, you gotta give her credit, she personifies, and basiclly invented something, and, tramps like Kim Kardashian are trying SO hard to be like Paris. and its pretty pathetic. Paris is famous for no apparent reason, and its really scary to me that so many people are making an EFFORT to get famous like that.

Honestly, i wish paris was the only on like that around, but, alas we have to deal with people like Kim Kardashian and liek Jordan Bratman. Kids from Rich Families, spoiled, and like no use to society.

well, i guess getting to express how much hatred any normal person has for famous people like them really is a use to society.

anyways, todays song of the day...

i love this song, i happen to think Sarah is HOT, and she looks good in the video, and, i dont pick this song so much for the comedic vaule behind it, although the line "I Love you more than dogs love balls" makes me laugh everytime i hear it, but the fact that its just such a catch SONG, meaning the music... sarah amazes me with her song writing ability in the way Joss Whedon did with the Buffy Musical episode... the music under the lyrics is really great.

Sarah Silverman-I Love You More
Off The CD/DVD "Jesus Is Magic"
Click Here To Watch Video

Friday, October 12, 2007

I Saw This Old Blender Cover Today...

it had the Pussycat Dolls on it.

the caption was...

"Yes we DO wish our girlfriends were hot like you"

and then showed a picture of the 6 Doggie, er, Pussycat Dolls. wow talk about 6 of the ugly bitches ive ever seen. how can their music say shit THAT arrogent, and they can be THAT ugly?

its amazying what passes for attractive these days. I hope i NEVER have a girlfriend thats "hot like them" cause then chances are, id be dating a farm animal.

as for the song of the day....

im not really big on Aly And Aj, their new album is, eh, ok, i really dig great pop music, im ahuge Buddy Holly fan, but, the CD is pretty weak in the pop sence, but, this song is really cool. I think that i like it cause it reminds me of like Dance Hall Crashers type Ska. its got this ska-tinged feel to it, and with the vocals being traded off at time, and them doing harmonies, it really reminds me of a Dance Hall Crashers song. God i miss them, i saw them way back when...96 i think, they were the middle act between Unwritten Law and Headliners Bad Religion. i sang the lyrics to every song, and, was right on the fence at the front at Roseland in NYC. they were pretty good, not as tight as they couldve been, but, from what they lacked in musical sound, they made up with buckets of attitude. they put on a fun fun show. great band, i wish i was famous, id have a huge 5 or 6 band tour of now defunct bands, and DHC would be one of the ones id ask to play.

anyways, heres the song, and hey, its the OFFICIAL Video, from the OFFICIAL Hollywood records youtube page.... hey what do u know?

check it out!!

Aly And AJ-Potential Break-Up Song
Off The CD Insomniatic.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"That is Fair At Best."

So, i saw the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of The Sarah Silverman Program, and THAT was easily the funniest line after she proceeded to lick her dogs asshole.

Honestly, i dig the show quite a bit.

Season 1 was really funny, and so far season 2 is 2 for 2.

but some of the highlights of this episode...

In explination of WHY she licked her dogs ass....

"he was acting like it was the best thing since French Lasagna"

In teh resturaunt.....

Waitress: Those people at that table over there asked me to tell you they WONT be buying your a drink
Sarah: why would u say that? your weird.
Waitress: HM, Said the women who licked her dogs ass.

Some Dude in REHAB....

"One time, I grabbed an old lady at gunpoint, and i took her wheelchair battery and cooked meth."

but i think the most LUDACRIOUS part of this episode, when they take teh dog and lock him up....they have him in a PEOPLE JAIL CELL. Uh, if you dont know, Doug, Sarah's dog is like a chuwawa type dog....he couldve easily just trotted right out, i got quite a good laugh out of that.

i personally think that the episode shouldve incorporanted Sarah's punishment be, Since she licked DOUGS ass, he gets to lick SARAH's ass....

i dont know, i think that wouldve been funny as fuck.

But sarah is really good in this show, her charachter is so egocentral and like oblivous to everything that, it makes her a Homer Simpson-esc type charachter, the writing is good, and, the acting is entertaining, Steve Agee, and Brian Poshen, who himself steals the show i think, just like he does in Mission Hill, play really likeable gay lovers.

its definetly something you should check out, i gather that people either LOVE or HATE this show, possibly cause they LOVE or HATE Sarah, she tends to get that kind of reaction, i cant honestly say i DIDNT start watching this show cause i think Sarah is smoking hot, cause, well, thats why i did, but, im glad she IS smoking hot, cause the show is quite enteratining.

but, song of the day is...

Bikini Kill-Rebel Girl
Off The CD "The CD Version Of The 1st 2 Records"
NOT The Video, Some Dude just threw this up on youtube. so hey, u can checkout todays song LOL...

OH and just cause u should all see how awesome Cute Kathleen Hanna is....
shes the brunette with pigtails dancing around Sonic Youth in this video for "Bull In The Heather"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ah, Dont Feel Like Ripping Anyone Right Now

I was actually gonna give my take on JR Rotem today, cause as you can see below hes in my People I Dispise list at the bottom, but, eh, maybe tomorrow. add to the fact JR is such an arrogent fucking douchebag, anyone that talks shit about him, hes convinced that people are just jealous of his sorry pathetic ass. Honestly, im not really jealous of anyone, and, the fact hes just so nasty and greasy, i dont think ANYONE is jealous of him, even if he did fuck Britney and HAYDEN PANTIERRE WHILE SHE WAS UNDERAGE....Which leads me to wonder...why isnt he in jail getting ass raped? Its funny, people say its creepy and strange when i talk about how hot Emma Watson is, and how hot shes gonna be cause im 32, but so is he, and its OK he fucked Hayden when she was like 17? What is wrong with society? Yeah yeah i know, ALOT.

But i wont go off on him today, im not in the mood honestly....

Im also interested to check out the new Vanessa Carlton Record. she has a pretty good voice, its being produced by a rap producer, i hear its NOT gonna be like Jewel's horrific crossover try, and add to that the fact that her and Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind broke up, ill be interested to check it out. it came out yesterday, its called "Heroes and Theives"

also a new thing im gonna try to add each day is a "Song Of The Day" thing where ill post a song people should go check out, i listen to alot of diverse music, and, alot of what i listen to, people might not know, or even if they know the BAND, they may have never heard the song ill be posting....maybe theyll be a day that i DO post something everyone heard.

But this way, maybe i can open someones eyes to a kick ass song or 2 they may not have heard, ill also see if i can find it online somewhere so you can actually check it out, and who knows, maybe go DL it off itunes or emusic, or whatever service you use.

Well, since i didnt do this yesterday..... heres 2 for today...

Cant find links to check out either one, so IDK, heres the song for today and Yesterday...

Phish-Crowd Control
Off The CD "Undermind"


The Donnas-Smoke You Out
Off The CD "Bitchin"

Please check out the new Donnas record, its easily the best record of 2007, and the donnas are easily the best party band ever.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Take On Vanessa Hudgens

So, im sure we all know by now her situation right?

She plays, er, gabreil in Disney's High School Musical.

Shes has her own CD.

She had the boy that everygirl in america seems to want.

What did she do that was so wrong?

Well, her and her friend obviously thought it would be a good idea for her to take some naughty photos, allegedly for Zac Efron, who, was her boyfriend. I still dont really know how the photos got leaked, but it seems it was either her or Zac.

Heres where im confused about this. People just seemed SO shocked. I actually feel kinda bad for her cause, being a "Disney Girl" she has this aura over her that she doesnt do bad things. If LiLo and Britney have taught us, well, being a "Disney Girl" doesnt mean now what it used to be.

I dont know why everyone is giving this girl such a hard time. Beyond the Naked Cell Phone photo shoot, i saw a shitload of OTHER pictures she took being naughty, but why i dont understand is, are people STILL this naive in THIS day and age that they think that just cause shes a Disney Girl, and plays such a good girl in HSM, THATS who she is in real life?

Cmon people. shes 18. shes at the age shes supposed to be doing stupid shit. Having fun with her friends. and that nude picture, well people, i dont know about you, but ill give her some credit, because, that picture doesnt look ANYTHING like her. I REALLY think Vanessa couldve just brushed it off and said it was a look alike.

but this whole situation leads me to think that maybe Vanessa is already trying to pull an "Anne Hathaway".

While, YES i dont know these people personally, but Zac Efron seems like a really nice kid, and, he seems to be LOVING the "Disney" image....which leads me to the thinking....Vanessa proported the leaking of the picture, like i said, the nude picture, she couldve prolly just said it was an imposter and moved on, but, from the stories ive read of vanessa, i dont think shes the type of girl whos a "Disney Chick". Now thats not a BAD thing, being who you are is important, and maybe thats what Vanessa is trying to do. Honestly, i have seen HSM, for the simple fact i think Ashley Tisdale is easily right now one of the yummiest females on the face of the earth, and, Vanessa if you want to believe the stories, is the exact oppistoe of her Charachter in HSM.

I think she will wind up very good when this situation blows over, and, hey, i know ALOT of girls who have taken alot racier pictures specificlly for their man. If she DID take it for Zac, well, hey, its personal.

but hey shit happens. anyways, i give her credit for owning up, and, if her ambitions in life are being known as something OTHER than a nice "Disney Girl", i really wish her the best.

A New Start

So, ive been bored latley, and, after Little Jay, who well call Telly from here on in, started talking about celeb gossip sites, i headed back to the best one on the web, The Bastardly, see link at side, or

its a great site run by great people, who are really funny, just head over there and read their witty captions on the pictures of thier posts.

So, since I Really dispise alot of celebrites, well, just alot of people in GENERAL, i figured maybe this blog would give me a venue to express my thoughts on what the truths of some peoples situations are.

All i do know is, im fat and pretty unattractive, so, if Perez Hilton can be one of the most well known people online, hey who knows where THIS will go? Well, i guess im not gay, so, chances are no one will read this shit.

Either way, please visit the sites i link to on the side there, anything ill add their is actually place i go.