Monday, October 15, 2007

Melissa Joan Hart...What Happened?!?!?

as i started this with the intent to be a companion to The Bastardly website, today will be the 1st time i reference something i saw today on there.

heres what Melissa Joan Hart looks like today...

The Bastardly Post On Melissa Joan Hart CLICK ON ME

so, i feel bad asking what happened to her, cause, i dont dislike her. i actually had a huge crush on her when she was on Clarissa Explains It All back in the day, i even bought the CD with hopes of one day covering "Na-Na"

but, look at her today. it confuses me people. why?

well, she has been in the spotlight forever. SO.... if she was going to continue being a celebrity and working in hollywood POST kids, why did she let herself go?

hey, i understand as people get older, and they have kids, they MIGHT not look as good as they couldve if they DIDNT, but cmon, look at Kate Beckinsale. She is the most beautyful women alive, and, she has a kid, and she is in her 30's.

i have a good friend named Tricia, she was really hot before she had a kid, and, even AFTERWARDS, she is STILL hot. shes NOT famous. But why would someone let themselves go so far if they WANTED to stay in the public eye.

like, look at Candice Cameron. after Full House, she basiclly decided to become a mother full time, shes had kids, and she let herself go. But, like i said, she didnt have an intentions of continuing her time in teh public eye after Full House and Her marriage and her kids. so, you cant hold it against her that when she shows up for Full House related things, she looks the way she does...

Personally, i think Jodie Sweetin looks SMOKING HOT these days, i rememeber when she came out after her drug addiction, i was amazed at how hot she was, and the fact that she DOESNT still make movies. But i guess that doesnt have to do with anything, but, Jodie is EASILY the hottest chick these days from that show, and possibly from that TGIF lineup, but i havent seen Stacy Keenan lately, but daym is she wasnt smoking hot too. i bet she still looks good too.

But i digress, like, i just dont understand how people can let themselves go like that if they plan on staying in the public eye.


Songs On The Day...Since no post yesterday, heres 2....

Havin A Blast, its easily the "Lounge Act" of Dookie, meaning, possibly the best song that no one really plays or remembers on the CD...heres a FMV for some shit i have NO CLUE what it is, but you get to hear the song...

Green Day-Havin A Blast
Off The CD "Dookie"

This is off the last good Green Day CD, u know, before they turned into Political Fags. Billie JO should just worry about writing great punk songs cause Nimrod and Insomniac are fucking amazying records.

But there is 2 lines here i really dig, i think its why i like the song...remind me of myself, and this blog...

"Life's A Bitch, and So Am I"
"Wasted Youth And A Fistful of Ideas, Ive Got A Young And Optimistic Point Of View" (Except change Optimistic to Pessimistic"

the song set to a bunch of Green Day Clips by some dude i dont know.

Green Day-The Grouch
Off The CD "Nimrod"

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