Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Quick Add To Yesterday's Post About Kid Rock

u know, i meant to include THIS little nugget from the interview...and while i wanted to talk about that cum dumpster Kim Kardashian, as, the guys over at the bastardly posted what a CLASSY heiress looks like today, by posting a thread on the beautiful and classy Kate Mara...

Click Here To Read The Bastardly Thread About The Amazing Kate Mara

...and how much Classier and how just because your rich and an heiress to a fortune DOESNT mean you have to be a huge ass skanky cum dumpster who makes fuck flicks, liek Kate Mara, let me just add this little bit about Kid Rock for today....

"A Lot of people have been telling me for the last 3 years they'd like to see me step in and make a great American rock album"

if you dont know, well, i guess Kid Rock believes his own hype cause his disc is called "Rock N Roll Jesus"

whats funny about it, beyond that fact that the album is complete dogshit, but, if you people want the NEXT step in the Rock N Roll evolution, look no further than the new Donnas Record "Bitchin'" that album blows this, well, and EVERY kid rock album out of the water.

The Donnas are kinda like the "Matthew, Mark, Luke And John" of Rock N Roll. their music is like preaching the next New era of Pure unadulterated ROCK music.

Kid Rock, shit, that arrogant talentless POS, isnt even the equal of some lesser known Saint.

His music is garbage, and always has been.

U know, another thing that DOES kinda irk me about kid rock, he acts all like hes such a "hometown" boy, with his Detroit Tigers tat on his arm... hes such a fucking poser... didnt the guy write a song about Michael Jordan? Uh, last i check, he spent his career playing for Chicago and Washington, and, he now owns Charlotte, and played College ball in North Carolina... what does HE have ANYTHING to do with Detroit? oh yeah, NOTHING....

but alas, hes a "hometown" Detroit boy, true and true...what a fucking lame douchebag.

anyways, since i keep talking about the donnas, todays song of the day is the 1st single OFF bitchin...

The Donnas-Dont Wait Up For Me
Off The CD "Bitchin'"
Click Here To Watch The Official Video

also make sure you take note of how adorable and amazing Torry looks in the video, i have such a celebrity crush on her....someone hook me up!!!!

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