Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ah, Dont Feel Like Ripping Anyone Right Now

I was actually gonna give my take on JR Rotem today, cause as you can see below hes in my People I Dispise list at the bottom, but, eh, maybe tomorrow. add to the fact JR is such an arrogent fucking douchebag, anyone that talks shit about him, hes convinced that people are just jealous of his sorry pathetic ass. Honestly, im not really jealous of anyone, and, the fact hes just so nasty and greasy, i dont think ANYONE is jealous of him, even if he did fuck Britney and HAYDEN PANTIERRE WHILE SHE WAS UNDERAGE....Which leads me to wonder...why isnt he in jail getting ass raped? Its funny, people say its creepy and strange when i talk about how hot Emma Watson is, and how hot shes gonna be cause im 32, but so is he, and its OK he fucked Hayden when she was like 17? What is wrong with society? Yeah yeah i know, ALOT.

But i wont go off on him today, im not in the mood honestly....

Im also interested to check out the new Vanessa Carlton Record. she has a pretty good voice, its being produced by a rap producer, i hear its NOT gonna be like Jewel's horrific crossover try, and add to that the fact that her and Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind broke up, ill be interested to check it out. it came out yesterday, its called "Heroes and Theives"

also a new thing im gonna try to add each day is a "Song Of The Day" thing where ill post a song people should go check out, i listen to alot of diverse music, and, alot of what i listen to, people might not know, or even if they know the BAND, they may have never heard the song ill be posting....maybe theyll be a day that i DO post something everyone heard.

But this way, maybe i can open someones eyes to a kick ass song or 2 they may not have heard, ill also see if i can find it online somewhere so you can actually check it out, and who knows, maybe go DL it off itunes or emusic, or whatever service you use.

Well, since i didnt do this yesterday..... heres 2 for today...

Cant find links to check out either one, so IDK, heres the song for today and Yesterday...

Phish-Crowd Control
Off The CD "Undermind"


The Donnas-Smoke You Out
Off The CD "Bitchin"

Please check out the new Donnas record, its easily the best record of 2007, and the donnas are easily the best party band ever.

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