Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Todays Commentary...Kid Rock

i have so many better things i want to rant about here, but, since i want to get to watching the end of season 2 of Bones, ill bypass my Kim Kardashian commentary for today, and a commentary on the new Blender, but since they interview Kid Rock in it, i figured id make todays short and sweet since, well, i want to watch Emily Deschanel and David Boreanez kick someones ass....speaking of david, they FINALLY released all 5 seasons of Angel in one box set, came out today, worth getting.

anyways, Kid Rock.... why does this guy think people care about him?

ive never really like him cause of his attitude, but a comment in Blender sums it ALL UP why this guy is a total douchebag.

"I apologize for hanging out with Scott Stapp"

funny, all of a sudden, Scott Stapp and creed are no longer "relevant", and i use that term REAL LOOSELY, since, well, personally, i dont think they were EVER relevant, so Kid Rock has to rip on scott to make himself look cool?

hey Kid, i got a bit of info for ya, no matter how bad or irrelevant Creed WAS CREED WAS A HELL OF A LOT MORE RELEVANT THAN YOULL EVER BE.

you know, its funny that Kid ROck thinks he is this person anyone gives a shit about anymore. at thispoint, hes a fucking joke. he just hasnt come to terms with it yet.

how is he a joke? well, LOL hes fighting with Tommy Lee over a women, Pam anderson, that doesnt want either one of them, which, isnt really too hard to tell since she just married Rick Salomen, who i personally think is fucking hilarious, check out his commentary between scenes in "one Night In Paris", how can you NOT love that guy?, but, thats the ONLY thing people talk about now when mentioning his name, and the best part yall, have you see his movie with his apparently cast off friend Scott Stapp? Well, if my penis was going into a women that has had Tommy Lee's (see his video with Pam) and is now married to Rick Salomen (Again, see One NIght In Paris) id be a huge bitter asshole like he is too. I dont think its hard to understand why pam sent his sorry ass packing....after having Tommy Lee for all those years, and then Kid, it was only a matter of time before she sent him packing and went back to someone of, er, Tommy's, eh, "Caliber"?

Now personally, i wouldnt hit Pam Anderson with my beat up Saturn, but thats me.

Add to the fact Kid new album is TOTAL DOGSHIT, i mean cmon, "the Stripper Anthem"? GIVE ME A BREAK, if i want to hear the riff from Spinal Tap's "Big Bottom", ill watch This Is Spinal Tap, not listen to a half assed rip off of it. And, people, thats basiclly what "the Stripper Anthem" is.

kid Rock is a sad sad man. Oh and BTW....having a cigar that size in your mouth as much as you do? Hm, id say thats not just a bit, but, quite a bit latently homosexual. who knows? maybe hell be doing a song with Justin Timberlake next huh?

anyways, heres teh Song of the Day....

expressed my thoughts about today's Green Day, heres another amazing song from Nimrod. i actually think this is a kick ass FMV, wouldve been better if it was just the Song, but, eh, what can you do, its still a pretty cool FMV for the songs....

Green Day-Uptight
Off The CD "Nimrod"
Click Here To Watch The Song In A FMV

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