Friday, October 12, 2007

I Saw This Old Blender Cover Today...

it had the Pussycat Dolls on it.

the caption was...

"Yes we DO wish our girlfriends were hot like you"

and then showed a picture of the 6 Doggie, er, Pussycat Dolls. wow talk about 6 of the ugly bitches ive ever seen. how can their music say shit THAT arrogent, and they can be THAT ugly?

its amazying what passes for attractive these days. I hope i NEVER have a girlfriend thats "hot like them" cause then chances are, id be dating a farm animal.

as for the song of the day....

im not really big on Aly And Aj, their new album is, eh, ok, i really dig great pop music, im ahuge Buddy Holly fan, but, the CD is pretty weak in the pop sence, but, this song is really cool. I think that i like it cause it reminds me of like Dance Hall Crashers type Ska. its got this ska-tinged feel to it, and with the vocals being traded off at time, and them doing harmonies, it really reminds me of a Dance Hall Crashers song. God i miss them, i saw them way back when...96 i think, they were the middle act between Unwritten Law and Headliners Bad Religion. i sang the lyrics to every song, and, was right on the fence at the front at Roseland in NYC. they were pretty good, not as tight as they couldve been, but, from what they lacked in musical sound, they made up with buckets of attitude. they put on a fun fun show. great band, i wish i was famous, id have a huge 5 or 6 band tour of now defunct bands, and DHC would be one of the ones id ask to play.

anyways, heres the song, and hey, its the OFFICIAL Video, from the OFFICIAL Hollywood records youtube page.... hey what do u know?

check it out!!

Aly And AJ-Potential Break-Up Song
Off The CD Insomniatic.

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