Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letters To Cleo

how i miss this band. way underrated. i was lucky enough to see them at Roseland in NYC with Sponge Headlining, and Neds Atomic Dustbin opening with what they said was their last show ever.

Kay's solo shit is amazing, and, Michael Eisenstein is one of the more underrated guitarists playing, he worked on one of my personal favorite records of all time, Nina Gordon's "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life", actually, it was just Nina pretty much with Letters To Cleo backing her.

but Kay did teh vocals for Josie and the Pussycats, she did the Josie vocals.

nwo from what i understand they are playing with Hannah Montana's backing band. while i never had any interest in that before, i can honestly say i am going to see if Mike and Kay are in any of the live videos from now on.

i miss letters to cleo. heres hoping one day they might do a reunion tour. its a shame they never get the credit they deserve, but, being from boston....LTC might have been 10 years too late, they turned out the music which was the next step from that scene after the pixies, muses, Blakes....

heres Veda Very Shining from their swan song album "GO!" performed live
one of my favorite songs ever is actually by them, its called Little Rosa, but, alas, no videos up for it. :( but enjoy Veda Very Shining.
thanks for the amazing music Mike and Kay and the rest of LTC!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

i share this cause i know we ALL have them.

dont know why, but i LOVE this cover of Island In The Sun by Emma Roberts, i cant vouch for thsi movie, since, well, i havent seen it, and personally, i think Emma Roberts has NO talent....i sat through Nancy Drew JUST to see Rachel Leigh Cook...all 10 minutes of her in that...what a fucking cheat!!!

anyways, heres a guilty pleasure, dig the cover of the song...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

No NASCAR Anymore :(

that makes me sad. but ive been watching lots of old Sci Fi movies, makes me remember the good times when i didnt have shit to worry about.

When Worlds Collide
The Day The Earth Stood Still
War Of The Worlds
Forbidden Planet
Thing From Another World....

some great, great movies there. anything made back in the 50's or 60's in teh sci fi genre is amazing.

too bad sci fi took a turn for the worst with the advent of Star Wars.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everyone Let's Laugh At Marilyn Manson

god this guy is so pathetic. his 15 minutes of fame ended 10 years ago, i think its time you gave it up. seriously dude, you have fallen into the category of being BEYOND Irrelevant, you pass that when you go on trying to, and FAILING MISERABLY at everything you do....

read this article, its exactly what im describing.

Mr Manson, its times to take the money you have made, which i am sure is alot, and get out of the public eye. you and your whole being are pathetic.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope anyone that actually reads this has a great day....and with christmas coming up quick....heres the #1 thing on my wish list if anyone's looking for something to give me this holiday season...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Hot Chicks To Check Out...

Nadja Tiellet And Christina Milian.


Bastardly Post Of Ashley Tisdale At The HSM2 DVD Premiere

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Is Funny

The Back Story Behind "Whats Up With It Vanilla Face?" part in Borat...

Some Word Association Thing I Had In My Box....

1. Beer: sure, why not?

2. McDonalds: Angus 3rd Pounder kinda scares me. McD's FRIES their burgers...why does this have GRILL marks? where the fuck did they come from?

3. Relationships: dont know if i remember how to be in one of those.

4. Favorite color: Purple!!!

5. Power Rangers: Amy Jo Johnson was SOOOOOO hot.

6. Weed: i really need to get my pesticide liscence

7. Steroids: i just read that Chris Beniot article in maxim, like and intellegent person knew, it wasnt roid rage. hope hes burning in hell.

8. Cartoon: woo who the simpsons!!!

9. The President: hes doing the best he can, and unlike the 2 probable democratic canadaties.... he HAS a backbone, and he can think for himself....

10. Tupperware: man, i wish i had one for the canned soup i made at work

11. Florida: Floreda. Lisa's costume in "$pringfield"!!!!

12. Santa Claus: idk, hes fat.

13. Halloween: 2nd most overrated and unnessecery "holiday"

14. Alice: Sarah Michelle Gellar is gonna ruin that role. Ashley Tisdale should do a live action alice...she looks just like her, but, well, of age and smoking hot.

15. Grammar: oh yeah, i check all that before i post whatever i do.

16: Myspace: not nearly as fun as it used to be.

17. Worst fear: never being able to pull the knife out of my back.

18. Marriage: uh

19. Paris Hilton: shes pretty hot....when shes got the left side of her face covered

20. Pat: tranny looking women like Kim Kardashian

21. Redheads: not really my thing, but, LiLo is from my hood, so go her!!!

22. Blondes: Ashley Tisdale is BEYOND yummy....

24. One night stands: wasnt that some sort of comedy show on HBO at one time?

25. Donald Trump: guys a fucking real estate genius.

26. Neverland: pedophiles live there

27. Pixie Stix: used to mix them with mountain dew to keep me awake all night.

28. Vanilla ice cream: makes my tummy hurt

29. Hooters: slang term for a group of owls

30. High school musical: ASHLEY TISDALE IS BEYOND HOT.

31. Pajamas: for kids

32. Woody: Woodpecker, never got why anyone thought he was funny.

33. Wet Socks: its inevatable that it happens almost every day at work.

34. Driving: i HATE driving where i live since people drive like complete fucking halfwits being on their cell phone and shit.

35. Love: maybe ill find it again after the knife i cant reach in in back from earlier this year ever gets removed, hey, who knows, maybe thats how ill know who the next person i might have those feelings for MIGHT be... shell remove that knife from my back, since, like i said, i cant seem to reach it.

I Like This Song, Its Cool

In The Zone ERA Britney is actually pretty cool, i think she should work with like Junkie XL or the Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim on a record, not the pathetic slobs she is now, like JR Rotem.

Britney doing vocals for a someone like them, youd get a full disc of shit as good as Toxic was...

Monday, November 19, 2007

OMFG....Look At How SMOKING HOT Ashley Tisdale Looked At The AMA's!!!

jeez louise, just when you thought this girl COULDNT get any fucking hotter...

OMFG....check her out...

Bastardly's Thread On Ashley At The AMA's

wow just wow...

here is the OFFICIAL Video for "He Said, She Said", one of the 2 tracks off Headstrong i do actually like...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Did We REALLY Need A SECOND Remake Of "Last Man On Earth"?

ok, i was watching the NASCAR race today, and saw just a title trailer, no clips of "I Am Legend"

came online, theres a website.... so i watch the trailer...

its a 3rd verison of Richard Mathewson's novel.

we have Last Man On Earth, and The Omega Man already.

Ok, i WILL admit, the trailer doesnt look half bad, but, is will smith REALLY gonna bring something MORE to this role than Vincent Price OR Charlton Heston did? or, even OK Homer Simpson in "The Homega Man"?

just seems odd with the now WGA strike, they are STILL doing remakes, i cant even begin to imagine how many well have with the WGA srike going on, and movies continued to be made, how many might just be direct BIG budget remakes of movies with minor script tweaking by people who might be writer directors.

if i can see I Am Legend for free, ill prolly see it, but, i honestly dont think that Will Smith is going to bring anything to this role that Heston and Price did before him...

but heres the website, check out the trailer....

"I Am Legend" Website

Will Jimmie Johnson Win The Nextel Cup Today?

well, chances are he will, he needs to finish like 16th or better and he wins it regardless of what Jeff Gordon does.

like i said, chances are he will, because he isnt as fucking idiotic as Mike Skinner is.

i guess well see, its all good, im not a fan of Jimmie and Jeff, but they dont bother me, so its good one of them will win it....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Thing That Irks Me

ok, i just got home from a wake....

why is it that at a wake, u know the viewing at the funeral home, when someones cell phone goes off, people stop what their doing and stare at that person?

like, EVERYONE is talking, most VERY LOUDLY, about something thats NOT about said person who died....

so why is it RUDE if someones CELL PHONE goes off, but people talking loudly about something other than the situation at hand ISNT rude?

and no i wasnt the one with the cell phone.

go listen to the song Paralized By Sixpence None The Richer, Leigh Nash' voice is amazing, and this song is very UN Sixpence, but its a kick ass rock song, good band, got labeled as a one hit wonder and its sad.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 More Hot Chicks...

well 2 cause i forgot the 3rd....

Alexa Davolas was SMOKING HOT in Angel....and Michelle Trachtenberg is goddess likenow.

i wish i could remember the 3rd.

EDIT: Hayley Williams.

that girl is SOOOOO hot. she should be happy about that cause, well, her looks are making her famous, since, well she cant sing and her band sucks ron jeremy sized dick.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Veronica Mars

ok, i worked with a kid who RAVED about this show. its all he talked about after Buffy went off the air.

so, im looking at the Best Buy ad this week, and season 1 and 2, 15 bucks. marked down from 50.

so i go at lunch today, buy season 1 and 2. im near the end of episode 1, and, all i can say is, if this is thebest this show gets, i have NO CLUE why it was even on for 3 seasons. and WHY joss Whedon raved about it as well, Buffy, Angel, and Firefly were fucking awesome, and, while i disagree with his casting a ENGLISH ACTRESS, albeit, Kate Becksindale, as WONDER WOMEN, i figured between his opinon, and a fellow friend who love dbuffy, thatm well, hey, id dig the show.

im getting the feeling trhe only reason anyone watched this was because they thoought Kristen Bell was cute.

i mean, she is, and thats all good, but, unless your Kate Beckinsale or Grace Kelly in an unwatchable movie, I dont really know about this.

episode 1 was pretty bad, but for 30 bucks, next time im ill, ill prolly watch this, but for now, ill be watching season 4 of the sopranos.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy For Jimmie Johnson, Sad For Jeff Gordon

as you can tell in my people i like list at the bottom, neither are my favorite race car drivers, but being a NASCAR fan, i appreciate the fact that i am getting to watch Jeff Gordon as he actually competes, kinda in the way my dad got to watch Richard Petty, i feel like every race im watching history being written.

but im happy that Jimmie pretty much wrapped up the championship tonight, unless some "hail mary" happens next week, but its kinda sad, id like to see Jeff win, and techniclly, if they were STILL using the OLD points system, jeff wouldve won teh championship today.

but what can u do...

best part of todays race? Dale Jr finished LAST cause he really is a untalented slob, and he wrecked himself off a turn.

i find it laughable that people think hes the best driver in NASCAR right now, whats his fans excuse gonna be after his stint at Hendrick the next 5 years, and he STILL drives like shit? NONE. it will show how terribly below average Dale Jr REALLY is....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To Catch A Predator REDUX

yet another idiot, but this guy thinks hes all smart, and, IDK, i just find this dude so laughable, but, chris hansen being SERIOUS and like how he talks to these people, its funny cause, i dont know how educated he is, but, LOL he looks like a member of MENSA compared to all of the people from this show...

LMAO...."It sounds like you wanted to play more than video games based upon this conversation."

but this guy Inderjeet Singh, the best part is after hes handcuffed... "cant you just let me go."

Just A Great Song

Tanya Donelly-Days Of Grace

its on Sleepwalk and This Hungry Life. cant find a video of it on youtube, but you should check the song out.

Friday, November 9, 2007

FUCK Im Lazy...

shit, its almost 2 weeks since my last post? is that even possible.

well, i felt the need to say that thanks to the wonderful dudes over at the bastardly...

for the bastardly, click here

...ive found a hot female i didnt know before, NOT Top 10 material, but very very hot nione the less...

her name is Roxanne Pallatt. ui have NO CLUE who this girl is beyond the pictures i saw, and, after a quick google search, well, the pics teh bastardly has up today are NO FLUKE. shes pretty hot in everything ive seen.

dont real;ly know what else to say. things have been busy which is why i havent been doing entries.... The Sarah Silverman Program finally had a pretty UNFUNNY episode, last weeks, but caught right back up with this week and Sarah accusing her illegal immagrent maid of shoving a toy up her dog dougs ass.

u know, even after 11 episode, i shouldve expected that when she showed up at the maids door, but i didnt.

thats about it. if you wanna be more bored by my rantings, go over to the bastardly and check out my posts there. i guess im a huge douchebag, but, what do people know....