Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy For Jimmie Johnson, Sad For Jeff Gordon

as you can tell in my people i like list at the bottom, neither are my favorite race car drivers, but being a NASCAR fan, i appreciate the fact that i am getting to watch Jeff Gordon as he actually competes, kinda in the way my dad got to watch Richard Petty, i feel like every race im watching history being written.

but im happy that Jimmie pretty much wrapped up the championship tonight, unless some "hail mary" happens next week, but its kinda sad, id like to see Jeff win, and techniclly, if they were STILL using the OLD points system, jeff wouldve won teh championship today.

but what can u do...

best part of todays race? Dale Jr finished LAST cause he really is a untalented slob, and he wrecked himself off a turn.

i find it laughable that people think hes the best driver in NASCAR right now, whats his fans excuse gonna be after his stint at Hendrick the next 5 years, and he STILL drives like shit? NONE. it will show how terribly below average Dale Jr REALLY is....

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