Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letters To Cleo

how i miss this band. way underrated. i was lucky enough to see them at Roseland in NYC with Sponge Headlining, and Neds Atomic Dustbin opening with what they said was their last show ever.

Kay's solo shit is amazing, and, Michael Eisenstein is one of the more underrated guitarists playing, he worked on one of my personal favorite records of all time, Nina Gordon's "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life", actually, it was just Nina pretty much with Letters To Cleo backing her.

but Kay did teh vocals for Josie and the Pussycats, she did the Josie vocals.

nwo from what i understand they are playing with Hannah Montana's backing band. while i never had any interest in that before, i can honestly say i am going to see if Mike and Kay are in any of the live videos from now on.

i miss letters to cleo. heres hoping one day they might do a reunion tour. its a shame they never get the credit they deserve, but, being from boston....LTC might have been 10 years too late, they turned out the music which was the next step from that scene after the pixies, muses, Blakes....

heres Veda Very Shining from their swan song album "GO!" performed live
one of my favorite songs ever is actually by them, its called Little Rosa, but, alas, no videos up for it. :( but enjoy Veda Very Shining.
thanks for the amazing music Mike and Kay and the rest of LTC!!!

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