Sunday, November 18, 2007

Did We REALLY Need A SECOND Remake Of "Last Man On Earth"?

ok, i was watching the NASCAR race today, and saw just a title trailer, no clips of "I Am Legend"

came online, theres a website.... so i watch the trailer...

its a 3rd verison of Richard Mathewson's novel.

we have Last Man On Earth, and The Omega Man already.

Ok, i WILL admit, the trailer doesnt look half bad, but, is will smith REALLY gonna bring something MORE to this role than Vincent Price OR Charlton Heston did? or, even OK Homer Simpson in "The Homega Man"?

just seems odd with the now WGA strike, they are STILL doing remakes, i cant even begin to imagine how many well have with the WGA srike going on, and movies continued to be made, how many might just be direct BIG budget remakes of movies with minor script tweaking by people who might be writer directors.

if i can see I Am Legend for free, ill prolly see it, but, i honestly dont think that Will Smith is going to bring anything to this role that Heston and Price did before him...

but heres the website, check out the trailer....

"I Am Legend" Website

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