Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some Word Association Thing I Had In My Box....

1. Beer: sure, why not?

2. McDonalds: Angus 3rd Pounder kinda scares me. McD's FRIES their burgers...why does this have GRILL marks? where the fuck did they come from?

3. Relationships: dont know if i remember how to be in one of those.

4. Favorite color: Purple!!!

5. Power Rangers: Amy Jo Johnson was SOOOOOO hot.

6. Weed: i really need to get my pesticide liscence

7. Steroids: i just read that Chris Beniot article in maxim, like and intellegent person knew, it wasnt roid rage. hope hes burning in hell.

8. Cartoon: woo who the simpsons!!!

9. The President: hes doing the best he can, and unlike the 2 probable democratic canadaties.... he HAS a backbone, and he can think for himself....

10. Tupperware: man, i wish i had one for the canned soup i made at work

11. Florida: Floreda. Lisa's costume in "$pringfield"!!!!

12. Santa Claus: idk, hes fat.

13. Halloween: 2nd most overrated and unnessecery "holiday"

14. Alice: Sarah Michelle Gellar is gonna ruin that role. Ashley Tisdale should do a live action alice...she looks just like her, but, well, of age and smoking hot.

15. Grammar: oh yeah, i check all that before i post whatever i do.

16: Myspace: not nearly as fun as it used to be.

17. Worst fear: never being able to pull the knife out of my back.

18. Marriage: uh

19. Paris Hilton: shes pretty hot....when shes got the left side of her face covered

20. Pat: tranny looking women like Kim Kardashian

21. Redheads: not really my thing, but, LiLo is from my hood, so go her!!!

22. Blondes: Ashley Tisdale is BEYOND yummy....

24. One night stands: wasnt that some sort of comedy show on HBO at one time?

25. Donald Trump: guys a fucking real estate genius.

26. Neverland: pedophiles live there

27. Pixie Stix: used to mix them with mountain dew to keep me awake all night.

28. Vanilla ice cream: makes my tummy hurt

29. Hooters: slang term for a group of owls

30. High school musical: ASHLEY TISDALE IS BEYOND HOT.

31. Pajamas: for kids

32. Woody: Woodpecker, never got why anyone thought he was funny.

33. Wet Socks: its inevatable that it happens almost every day at work.

34. Driving: i HATE driving where i live since people drive like complete fucking halfwits being on their cell phone and shit.

35. Love: maybe ill find it again after the knife i cant reach in in back from earlier this year ever gets removed, hey, who knows, maybe thats how ill know who the next person i might have those feelings for MIGHT be... shell remove that knife from my back, since, like i said, i cant seem to reach it.

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