Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A New Start

So, ive been bored latley, and, after Little Jay, who well call Telly from here on in, started talking about celeb gossip sites, i headed back to the best one on the web, The Bastardly, see link at side, or www.bastardly.com.

its a great site run by great people, who are really funny, just head over there and read their witty captions on the pictures of thier posts.

So, since I Really dispise alot of celebrites, well, just alot of people in GENERAL, i figured maybe this blog would give me a venue to express my thoughts on what the truths of some peoples situations are.

All i do know is, im fat and pretty unattractive, so, if Perez Hilton can be one of the most well known people online, hey who knows where THIS will go? Well, i guess im not gay, so, chances are no one will read this shit.

Either way, please visit the sites i link to on the side there, anything ill add their is actually place i go.

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