Friday, October 19, 2007

Man I LOVE Hilary Duff....

but quite honestly, not in THAT way. EVERY interview you read with her, anytime you see her, she just looks so genuine and just seems like so down to earth.

she seems to me like shed be a kick ass girl to have as a friend.

Hilary Duff is my favorite celebrity.

Now her sister on the other hand....Haylie, man, her id LOVE to date.

but, Hilary Rocks, theres not much else to say beyond that. Its really nice to see a celebrity that, well, didnt let fame go to her head and act like a complete fucking douche. Add to the fact Hilary seems to me to be such a good role model, its funny that she always says that shes not as squeaky clean as everyone thinks, but, hey, Hilary, maybe having sex and dancing in clubs is just the sort of thing you ARE supposed to be doing at your age? Hilary seems like such a nice girl, who, if she keeps it up will grow up to be a phenomenal women.

anyways, dont want to have to think about a song of the day, and since this is about Hilary...

heres a performance that seems to be getting Hilary some A+ reactions, about her look, her style, and even she in such a short skirt pulls off being classy.

With Love from Mexico...

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