Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Take On Vanessa Hudgens

So, im sure we all know by now her situation right?

She plays, er, gabreil in Disney's High School Musical.

Shes has her own CD.

She had the boy that everygirl in america seems to want.

What did she do that was so wrong?

Well, her and her friend obviously thought it would be a good idea for her to take some naughty photos, allegedly for Zac Efron, who, was her boyfriend. I still dont really know how the photos got leaked, but it seems it was either her or Zac.

Heres where im confused about this. People just seemed SO shocked. I actually feel kinda bad for her cause, being a "Disney Girl" she has this aura over her that she doesnt do bad things. If LiLo and Britney have taught us, well, being a "Disney Girl" doesnt mean now what it used to be.

I dont know why everyone is giving this girl such a hard time. Beyond the Naked Cell Phone photo shoot, i saw a shitload of OTHER pictures she took being naughty, but why i dont understand is, are people STILL this naive in THIS day and age that they think that just cause shes a Disney Girl, and plays such a good girl in HSM, THATS who she is in real life?

Cmon people. shes 18. shes at the age shes supposed to be doing stupid shit. Having fun with her friends. and that nude picture, well people, i dont know about you, but ill give her some credit, because, that picture doesnt look ANYTHING like her. I REALLY think Vanessa couldve just brushed it off and said it was a look alike.

but this whole situation leads me to think that maybe Vanessa is already trying to pull an "Anne Hathaway".

While, YES i dont know these people personally, but Zac Efron seems like a really nice kid, and, he seems to be LOVING the "Disney" image....which leads me to the thinking....Vanessa proported the leaking of the picture, like i said, the nude picture, she couldve prolly just said it was an imposter and moved on, but, from the stories ive read of vanessa, i dont think shes the type of girl whos a "Disney Chick". Now thats not a BAD thing, being who you are is important, and maybe thats what Vanessa is trying to do. Honestly, i have seen HSM, for the simple fact i think Ashley Tisdale is easily right now one of the yummiest females on the face of the earth, and, Vanessa if you want to believe the stories, is the exact oppistoe of her Charachter in HSM.

I think she will wind up very good when this situation blows over, and, hey, i know ALOT of girls who have taken alot racier pictures specificlly for their man. If she DID take it for Zac, well, hey, its personal.

but hey shit happens. anyways, i give her credit for owning up, and, if her ambitions in life are being known as something OTHER than a nice "Disney Girl", i really wish her the best.


Gigi said...

Thanks for the link. I'll return the favor!

Eduardo said...

I think it is good thing that she is breaking the mold, but not going totally overboard. It's good for other child stars to see that they don't need to go off deep end all the time.
Note. I've just started writing and posting on my site again.
If you get a chance take a look.
I hope to be doing more tonight.

Eduardo said...

Ah crap that was my personal blog...Which your welcome to read, but I meant visit.
Good stuff...Thanks!