Sunday, October 21, 2007

Real Quick

NASCAR Cup race was pretty descent. Jimmie Johnson for the win, although Ryan Newman, i guess he cant deal with the fact he SUCKS decided to run Jeff Gordon up the track to finish 2nd.

Ryan needs to just leave racing.

Plus, DEI drivers driving like DEI Drivers, Martin Truex caused like 4 cautions running over people, no surprise since hes frustrated that hes 2nd class, and, while i HATE dale Jr, it was pretty funny watching his push Juan PABLOW out of the way for the lead, since, well, i think PABLOW is the WORST driver this year in Cup, he always runs people over and he acts like its everyone elses fault.

it was awesome to see him get pushed out of the way, even if it was Dale Jr doing the pushing.

No Busch Race, so, my boy Leffler ran the truck race, didnt see too much of it, beyond seeing Clint "one YEar Wonder" Bowyer running him continually in teback bumper till JLeff let him by and paid him back.

Clint Bowyer is funny cause hes this years "Greg Sniffle". this will be his ONE year to shine, you wont hear from him again after this year. Overrated lucky slob.

anyways, todays song...

think is this the best song off the Donnas Spend The Night Record, which is a really kic ass CD in its own right with many Highlights, but as a complete song, i think this is the best off that album.

The Donnas-Who Invited You?
Off The CD "Spend The Night"

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