Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not To Much To Say...

had breakfast with a friend, not really too much to say this AM beyond head over to the bastardly, link on right, and check out the arguement going on in the thread about that disgusting whore Kim Kardashian. its amazying to me that people think this useless whore is attractive.

and im sick of people trying to be Paris Hilton, like, Paris is such a bitch, but, you gotta give her credit, she personifies, and basiclly invented something, and, tramps like Kim Kardashian are trying SO hard to be like Paris. and its pretty pathetic. Paris is famous for no apparent reason, and its really scary to me that so many people are making an EFFORT to get famous like that.

Honestly, i wish paris was the only on like that around, but, alas we have to deal with people like Kim Kardashian and liek Jordan Bratman. Kids from Rich Families, spoiled, and like no use to society.

well, i guess getting to express how much hatred any normal person has for famous people like them really is a use to society.

anyways, todays song of the day...

i love this song, i happen to think Sarah is HOT, and she looks good in the video, and, i dont pick this song so much for the comedic vaule behind it, although the line "I Love you more than dogs love balls" makes me laugh everytime i hear it, but the fact that its just such a catch SONG, meaning the music... sarah amazes me with her song writing ability in the way Joss Whedon did with the Buffy Musical episode... the music under the lyrics is really great.

Sarah Silverman-I Love You More
Off The CD/DVD "Jesus Is Magic"
Click Here To Watch Video

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