Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zooey Deschanel

i gotta do a general list of chicks i think are hot. shes kinda the epitome of adorable.

this weeks episode of Bones, she had an uncredited cameo at the begining, basiclly looking hot like she did in Elf, cause, well, LOL it was the same costume....

but she was really hot in Bridge To Terabithia as welllas show byu teh clip below, which also shows she actually has a cool voice, and, not about Zooey, if AnnaSophia Robb DOESNT win best Actress for Terabithia, shed have been robbed. i saw a good amount of the movies this year, and her performance in that was easily the best of the year.

but heres Zooey (looking hot) with AnnaSophia and some of the rest of teh cast of Terabithia doing Steve Earle's "Someday"

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