Saturday, December 15, 2007

Say It Ain't So Ashley, Say It Ain't So.

its a sad sad day for me.

this bastardly post says it all....

Click Here For Pics Of Ashley Tisdale POST Nose Job

i cant believe that my beloved Ashley Tisdale has come over to the darkside.

god, ashley was as close to perfect looking in todays hollywood as it could get...shes no Grace Kelly mind you, BUT, Ashley was AMAZING.

im sorry if im doubting the "Deviated Septum" story, but in todays Hollywood, having a slightly Mishapen and oversized nose is Taboo. Ashley didnt really seem like the kind of person (albeit i dont know her PERSONALLY obviously) that would have a cosmetic nose job for aesthetic purposes, who knows, maybe it WAS for health reasons, and, cmon, its not like Ashley ISNT still hot, girl is STILL gorgeous, but, having a nose job to fix what god gave her takes her one step closer to just being another AVERAGE EVERYDAY Hollywood Actress.... Obsessed with Perfection, when "perfection" in hollywood is in fact average.

i still love Ashley, although the now "perfect" nose takes away some of teh attractiveness, she IS still yummy, but, she always seemed SO happy, whenever you saw pics or interviews, she was just so happy, like an everyday person who got famous, and just didnt realize it, like one day acting and music was ahobby, and before you know it, your a HUGE STAR, the typical act of having cosmetic surgeory (AGAIN, im sorry i am doubting the whole Deviated Septum story, could be true, but IDK) really pushes her closer to just being another hollywood media conscious female who is trying to look what THEY percieve as PERFECTION, when in my eyes, The PRE NOse Job Ashley Tisdale WAS as close to perfection in a complete female as it got.

i guess i can just hope that it doesnt change her, but seeing the pics from The Z100 Jingle Ball, its the 1st time ive seen her in a public display that she DOESNT have a huge smile, doesnt look like shes happy go lucky, watch the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, the girl has a smile the WHOLE TIME.

I still love you ashley, but please tell me this isnt the 1st step towards Blue Contacts, Tit implants, a chin job, liosuction cause you are too "fat"....Ashley Please, Say It Ain't So....Say It Ain'y So.

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