Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best Of 2007

Things ive found that are worth noting this year in movies and music.

Best Album-The Donnas "Bitchin"
Fav Album-Same
Worst Album-Avril Lavigne "The Best (Snickers) Damn Thing"
Overrated Album-Kanye West "Graduation"
Best Song-The Donnas "Smoke You Out"
Worst Song=Baby Dont Go/Hey There Delilah
Biggest Dissapointment-Britney Spears "Blackout"

Other Things Of Note

Vanessa Carlton "Heroes And Thieves"
Wu Tang-"8 Diagrams"
Lily Allen "Alright, Still"

Best Movie-The Dead Girl
Fav Movies-The Simpsons Movie, DOA, White Noise 2, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Hatchet, The Reaping
Best Actress-AnnaSophia Robb "Bridge To Terabithia"
Best Actor-Richard Gere "The Hoax"
Best Cast Performance-"The Dead Girl"
Worst Movie-The Hills Have Eyes 2/Grindhouse
Worst Actress-Sandra Bullock "Premononition"
Worst Actor-Justin Timberlake "Alpha Dog/Black Snake Moan"
Overrated Movie-300/Disturbia
Biggest Dissapointment-30 Days Of Nights

Other Things Of Note

Sheri Moon Zombie In "Halloween".....i must add if THIS performance WASNT in Halloween, a HORROR movie, but a "Drama"....shed be getting Oscar Consideration...So sad that horror isnt "correct" at big awards shows

William Forysthe In "Halloween"
Margarita Levieva in "The Invisible"
Nathan Fillion In "White Noise 2"
AnnaSophia Robb In "The Reaping"
Jenna Fischer In "Blades of Glory"
Mercedes McNab In "Hatchet"

Also That "The Werewolf Women Of The SS" "Trailer" in Grindhouse was great...i mention that cause i have Grindhouse as the second worst movie this year, but didnt want to leave out that i liked it.

As For TV People....

I dont Watch much TV....

so ill just say....

Bones and Sarah Silverman Program are the only 2 shows i actually think are good enough to watch everyweek.

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