Monday, February 18, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Does Nude "Marylin Esc" Photo Shoot.

so, i wont post it here, cause, well, my blog isnt that of being a hub of news FOR celebrities.

its to share my opinions about them...

so, click one, or, BOTH of these links...The Bastardly is my fav site, but, teh dude who does Drunken Stepfather is prolly the funniest dude on the internet right its worth your time to check out the posts on BOTH Pages....

Click Here For The Bastardly's Post On The Shoot

Click Here For Drunken Stepfather's Post On The Shoot

so heres my thoughts....while LiLo's attitude sometimes is not something to be desired, as well as her interesting, ahem, "Behavior" LiLo is from my hood, and, while i HATE and DESPISE Long Island, i can't help root for LiLo, she gets alot of shit for no reason, and while from what we know, she IS a little over the top and outrageous, i feel like LiLo is a kindred spirit...and in away im envious, cause, well, she doesnt HAVE to live here anymore...she escaped the horrors of Long Island.

as for the photoshoot, i think she looks fabulous. id rather not share my, ahem, in depth details about what this shoot makes me feel....youll have to hit Drunken Stepfather Or The Bastardly links to see....LiLo's smile is what endears me to her.

yes, she has a great body, and, i cant say that she doesnt look GREAT naked, she does, and, this from someone who hates redheads and overly freckled women. BUt LiLo looks great, and, if the stories about her promiscuity are somewhat true, every guy thats gotten to see her naked, up close and person is a lucky man. I know myself, if i was lucky enough to get LiLo to myself for a night, id be studying every inch of her body, from head to toe....but, regardless, what endears me is her smile.

its odd, knowing the things we do, and seeing the things she does, that she should have such a warm and gentile smile. its weird tho how she doesnt really smile all to much these days, or well, at least in the paparazzi shots we see of her.

and thats a shame. LiLo has one of the most amazing smiles in the media right now, looking at her when she does, gives me the feeling deep down shes really a loving person, i wish one girl ive dated in my life had half the amount of warmth in their smile that LiLo does in hers.

shes an interesting celebrity, and exemplifies everything that is the reason I personally go to sites like The Bastardly or Drunken Stepfather, OR pay attention when a celebrity does something.

you never really know what LiLo is gonna do next, and in a way she makes me proud to be from Long Island, knowing she has her roots here, makes me at times PROUD to be a "Islander".

shes just one of those people i cant seem to judge by her public persona. this photoshoot will keep her in the public eye for a while longer, and that makes me smile, not a smile as warm as LiLo's is when SHE smiles, but, a smile none the less, cause, being a celebrity isnt really the important thing, being an interesting one is.

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