Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 50th Running Of The Daytona 500

i love NASCAR. and NO im not a backwood inbred hick thank you.

over the years since i started watching again on a regular basis, and, i like NASCAR.

its not so much for the fact of the RACES themselves as it is that i love my dad, and i love hanging out with my dad. It gives me a cool reason to chill every week with my dad.

My favorite race car driver doesnt race the Sprint Cup series. Jason Leffler is a Nationwide series driver. Hes planning on running a few races this year, and, it will be awesome to see him in cup again, in fact, if i won the lottery, id sponsor him a car in cup for a full season.

i ALSO root for Erin Crocker, yeah, ok, its cause i think shes hot, and, i root for Brendan Gaughan, since, he was born the same day as me.

Both of them ALSO do not run Sprint Cup. Brendan did a few years ago, and got released after one season...yet he performed BETTER than most of the drivers NOW that arent in the running for a win every week....a good example...teh dude who took over his car, Travis Kvpail got a shot AGAIN to drive, and well, he really cant drive.

anyways, i point this out cause when it comes to the main series, i dont really have someone i root for persay. i like Kasey Kahne, but, im not a FAN like i am with Jason Leffler, he just happens to be, IMHO the coolest driver in Sprint CUp, and, someone i feel good rooting for.

I watch cup cause i LOVE spending time with my dad, and, as a bonus, i get to watch the best driver in NASCAR history, Jeff Gordon, and, im watching a sport that has what is gonna be some of the better drivers in teh history of the sport.

im looking forward to todays race. im looking forward to rooting for Dale Jr, and Kyle Busch and all the roush cars to wreck out of the race. im hoping that Jeff Gordon wins, cause, its the 50th running of the race, and, well, it would be great to see the best driver in NASCAR history win a landmark race.

but most of all im looking forward to getting to hang out with my dad on sunday's again, snacking away, watching the races, being pissy when someone i hate wins, cheering when someone i hate gets wrecked, and listening to my mom snore.

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