Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 50th Running Of The Daytona 500...Post Race

well, Ryan Newman won.

im indifferent to him. he seems like a smug prick, but, whatever.

im just happy the cry baby bitch Kyle Busch didnt win....Tony Stewart, i have always been indifferent to him too, but tonight he showed alot of class.

they asked him after the race about the last few laps, and, he bit his tounge and didnt say much....

when they asked Kyle Busch, he basiclly blamed Stewart for not Blocking the Dodge Train in the high line...and then says..."well i guess it was too late"

Kyle Busch is such a piece of shit cry baby....if he didnt try and pass Jeff Burton 2 seconds after the restart....him and Stewart prolly wouldve been 1-2.....with HIM winning and Stewart blocking.

but NO, he dove to the bottom, and, lo and behold, Tony went with him....burton went to block, and instead of going BACK UP TEH TRACK....Kyle claims he was "forced" below the yellow line so he had to back off.....Stewart gave Kyle the split second, and when Kyle kept going low, tony HAD to do the smart thing and go high.

Kyle busch is the most reckless, and unintellegent driver is nascar right now.

he may have soem talent, but, teh kid is a complete prick.

OH need i mention, Juan Pablow Montoya picked up EXACTLY where he left off last year....33 laps to go....Clint Bowyer in second, goes low to pass the leader....gues what happens? Pablow wrecks him into the grass.
Juan Pablow is EASILY the worst driver in NASCAR right now, i doubt there was a race LAST YEAR he DIDNT have an incident that he wrecked someone or had unnessecery contact with them.

looks like hes starting off 08 the same way he ran all last year.

those are 2 drivers that should NOT be allowed to compete in NASCAR anymore. Pablow's driving ability, or lack of driving ability, and Kyle busch's its win or wreck trying attitude, do NOT belong in the sport. the worst announcer Darrell Waltrip is ALL OVER Kyle's dick, it almost makes me think that Kyle is DW's gay lover the way DW talks about him. instead of encoruaging him to show some patience, DW is alway stalking about how great it is Kyle drives like that.....just think about how many times hes ruined OTHER people's fact, "Rowdy" busch did it on friday in the truck race....hes not racing for a championship there, but has NO ISSUE wrecking 5 people who ARE.

i was happy to see Kahne, Sadler and Sorenson get top 10's....sad for Jimmie and Jeff tho....Jimmie got caught up in a wreck, and Jeff lost suspension. it really wouldve been nice to see Jeff win the 50th daytona 500....but it wasnt meant to be.

stupidly i took Michael Waltrip in my Streak game for today....his great driving in teh duals translated to a 29th place finish and me NOT having a top 10 for this week.

thanks mikey for the effort.

i DO believe tho that i AM going to root for Sam Hornish Jr. he finished 15th, and, he seems like a real nice guy. so im pulling for him this year.

good race, glad that Kyle Busch is a complete fucking jerkoff behind the wheel, and, i can see now that (hopefully) Tony Stewart will punch him in his fucking arrogant face before the end of the season....


viola1 said...

Are you serious? Kyle is right and to me, he showed a lot of retraint in his answer. Tony totally blocked Kyle at the last because he saw his younger, NEW teammate about to pull in front of him. In fact, Kyle did pull in front of him and Tony then pushed forward a bit and came down low. He's lucky he didn't knock both he and Kyle out. He's lucky Kyle is such a fine, controlled driver. Casey Mears pulled in front of Tony in a very similar way a few laps before and Tony clipped him. Of course, the talkers blamed Casey for that, for making the judgment too late. But when it comes to Tony, suddenly it's the other driver's fault? In this case, Kyle? Kyle had led the most laps all race; surely something Tony noted. The day before, he finished second to Tony in the Nationwide race. Tony knows he has a challenger on his hands when it comes to Kyle and we all saw how he's handling it: not very well. In his press conference, Tony couldn't even explain properly WHY he did what he did. All he could say was that it was the wrong decision. Well, that doesn't really give Kyle much solace does it? I swear. I don't see how this can be Kyle's fault. I just read Bob Margolis's observations and he said Kyle had sour grapes. Are you kidding me? Kyle had the superior car all day and forgive him for being a little disappointed. People are certainly giving Tony room to be and again, from where I was sitting, and from the replays I've seen, Tony was the cause of JGR losing to Penske, not Kyle. He said he was thinking of "pulling" Kyle along with him? What-the-ever! Kyle didn't need anyone's help in being pulled along. As was the case all race long, he was pulled the line behind him by himself just fine. I say all this being a Tony fan too. I think less so after today's race than before, but still. I like him. I just couldn't believe what I saw him do today. Kyle deserved better.

Phillip McCracken said...

ok let me say this, by default in cup i root for HMS, i watch it with my dad, and hes a HMS fan...i wont root for JR for ANY REASON tho....but, teh thing with Tony and Casey, WAS Casey's fault...

as for Kyle and Tony...

again, what was tony supposed to do? Kriel went LOW Burton went to block...tony did the SMART thing, gave Kyle a chance to come back UP, he kept going LOW, tony went high.

if Kriel DIDNT have SOUR GRAPES like your suggesting...why is it off 2 and the back stretch and off 4....Kriel was SOOOOOOOO far off Tony Back bumper?

kurt and ryan were nose to tail...Kriel was SO far off tony, it was like he had the...

"If im NOT Gonna win, and i had the BEST CAR all day, NEITHER is Tony."