Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wow I've Been Neglecting My Blog!!!

Well, Heres Podcast #7 From 4/4/08....

Speaking of which, ill tell you, it helps to be doing the podcasts, its alot harder work than doing the typing, but alot more fun!!!!

Speaking of the podcasts, if you would like to download them or have them...

you can try doing a search on LimeWire, depending on where you are, they should come up, if that doesnt work, feel free to hit me up VIA email...


and i will be more than happy to find away to get them too you!!!

anyways, i do apologize for neglecting my blog if anyone comes here....

but you can always catch me over at the bastardly and drunken stepfather, and my Podcast's are available at

just search for Phillip McCracken!!!

and thanks for the support, every week more and more people listen, keep spreading the work if you like em!!! cause, chances are im gonna keep doing them regardless!!!

take care Everyone!!!


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